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Guru Ayurvedic Pharmacy was established in the year 2007 by a great visionary and optimistic creator , Shri Kant Sood, with a vision towards fulfilling the expectation of mankind and empowering healthy life worldwide.

We Have More Than 30 years of Experience

Guru Ayurvedic Pharmacy was established in the year 2007 by a great visionary and optimistic creator, Shri Kant Sood, with a vision towards fulfilling the expectation of mankind and empowering healthy life worldwide. Our nature of business focuses on third party manufacturing, franchisee development , research and formulation, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical products and providing services like clinical trial support for herbal products with our own chain of hospitals. We are an acclaimed GMP and ISO certified Manufacturer, Exporter and Marketer of wide range of herbal classical medicines, Herbal cosmetics and Patent Herbal Skin Care Products

Our ancestors had a stern belief in Veda and even preached and promoted the ancient knowledge for the benefit of mankind. Besides this, our forefathers had faith in Ayurveda and believed that this is the only pithy which God has himself created for the mankind and gave to people on the earth. Our forefathers acquired the knowledge of Ayurveda through Guru-Shishiya Parampara. Swami Suvritanand Ji’s Ayurved rattan helped a lot in this field.

Under his guidance, our forefathers invented excellent and effective medicines to cure mankind and improve the welfare of people. They distributed free medicines to the patients and cured number of patients due to which our forefathers acquired fame and people started approaching them, from near and far, to get medicines.

We bow our heads in the memory of great Late Swami Suvritanand ji who extensively aided in the invention of exceptional medicines, so as to fulfil the wishes of Swami Ji that his knowledge should not be restricted to the wellbeing of few people and it should serve the mankind at large.

All products are developed out of extensive research and clinical trial, fulfilling the vision of Swami Suvritanand Ji to harness the power of natural herbs in the services of the ailing humanity.The organisation is backed by its vast research work in herbal industry and a professional and competent team, that which is technically qualified and experienced in all related fields of the Pharmaceutical industry.

Research and Development

We understand the value of innovation in Herbal Healthcare products, pharmaceutical services and methodologies following our extensive research and development in the field. The company invests generously on its research and development facilities; and recruits, trains and motivates research scientists, pharmacists and technical staff, of a high caliber, to ensure the development of new and improved herbal formulations.

  • Current Research and Development projects
  • We are determined to continuously work on the research and development of Herbal Cosmetic Products and stem cells based products for the wellbeing of mankind.

  • Specialisation In Research And Development
  • We specialise in herbal skin products. Our strong scientific research background in Cosmetology, Syrups and Ointment is supported with the guidance of highly qualified and experienced doctors coupled with the right choice of technology. A combination of this ensures our no-nonsense approach to skin care and that the best products are available on the market. Our herbal products are result oriented and meticulously tailored to individual skin type and individual skin problems.

  • Clinical Trial Facility
  • Patients are placed under the care of licensed doctors and staff who understand the importance of a strong patient-doctor relationship, that is supported by a caring and trust worthy environment. Patients are provided with the necessary medications and essential support required during specific clinical trials. We, as a rule, provide printed trial statements on demand to our customers for herbal skin care products and other products purchased by them.

Quality Assurance

Quality products are a hallmark at Guru Pharmacy. Only superior quality natural plants, roots, leaves and barks are employed in the production process, in order to obtain international grade output. The processing, grinding, mixing, composing and packaging is done in the most hygienic manner, not allowing room for any contamination.

Our well equipped in-house quality examination centre is manned by skilled Ayurvedic doctors who check each and every sample meticulously and correct the shortcomings, if any, at the earliest. Only those products meeting the requisite standards are then dispatched for sale into the market.

Social Responsibilities

We have partnerships with various charitable hospitals in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, where we provide free healthcare services along with free medications to needy and poor patients. We also organise various camps, on monthly basis, for providing free medicine to poor and needy patients.

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